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Œdipus Reborn
Ancient Traditions and Transgenerational Perspectives 2014 Second edition

By Thierry Gaillard
(168 pages , Ecodition 2014 , ISBN 9782940540-04-4)
Format : Couverture souple en dos carré collé
Ecodition price: 19.51 $

Back cover page:
Behind appearances, the masterpieces of mythology contain precious secrets. In their work, the authors include timeless messages addressed to History and to all mankind. So it is with the plays which Sophocles devoted to Oedipus more than 2400 years ago, which are still performed today. Their enduring presence testifies to the learning they contain which is no less worthy of interest because it goes beyond reason, on the contrary.

A new form of analysis, called transgenerational, enables us to penetrate behind the scenes, backstage in Sophocles’ theatre. Actually, it is the discovery of a transgenerational structure underpinning Sophocles' work that changes everything. This discovery invites us to reconsider the entire story of Oedipus in a different light, thereby unveiling a formerly unsuspected meaning. Paradoxically, such a rereading of the celebrated myth merely restores its traditional meaning, one which is more in line with the wisdom of Antiquity. By bringing out the unseen aspects of his work, we come to understand that Sophocles shared with the Ancients a veritable science of the "transgenerational." Through his Oedipus Rex and Oedipus at Colonus, he passes on this knowledge to use in the manner of the great tragedians, philosophers before their time, who played an important role as guides of the collective awareness of their time