About Ecodition

Ecodition is an avant-garde micro editing society

Ecodition is a small publishing house whose publications are offered online in collaboration with Internet Services (such as www.lulu.com). Ours is a long term commitment, without regard to the vagaries of marketplace activity like failures or buyouts.
Ours is also a horizontally and international organization, rather than the traditional hierarchy composed of numerous intermediaries. We are establishing enduring relationships with particular outlets including, example, www.geneasens.com, in place of conventional distribution channels which are based on statistical results.
What puts the “Eco” in Ecodition ? Fair trade relations. We offer you the opportunity to purchase books directly from the source, at a favorable price ( 25% discount ), thereby promoting a responsible purchase for the benefit of the true creators of the book rather than the intermediary. (Nonetheless you will also find our books on platforms like Amazon, but at higher commercial prices which are needed to amortize the high commissions they charge.) We also ensure the direct distribution of our collection to interested libraries. Finally, thanks to printing on demand or POD, we have no added expenses for the storage of books, which are printed in the ensuing hours after each order.

We also consider new collaborations for:

– Editing publication for authors, associations, foundations, etc..

– Creating new collections

– Developing professional collaborations (proof-readers, translators).

– Translation projects.