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Rooted in the Present
The Emergence of the Self

By Thierry Gaillard
(178 pages , Genesis Editions 2014 , ISBN 9782940540020)
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Back cover page:
At birth, we unconsciously inherit unfinished stories of our parents, our ancestors and our society. Like open circuits, the charges of this heritage influence our lives for we cannot cut ourselves off from our roots without losing an essential part of ourselves. These histories replay themselves in some of the difficulties we encounter in our own lives, often programming the same outcomes again and again. The various ways in which we try to protect ourselves from them, by becoming withdrawn for example, or through excessive conformity to others and to society at large, prevent us from truly being ourselves and living in the present moment.
To release from the past that haunts the present, the author invites us to understand the laws that regulate these transgenerational inheritance. His approach goes beyond the established clichés. Rather than striving in vain to cut the ties to our origins, we should learn to integrate them, drawing upon traditional wisdom and the Oedipus plays of Sophocles for inspiration. The key to emancipation from these problematic heritages does not lie in constructing barriers or armouring ourselves defensively, but rather in reconnecting with our selves and with others at a more profound level, one which is often unconscious. Rather than compounding an all too individualistic and egocentric approach, which can only disconnect us from others and from our origins, the author proposes reconnecting with our true selves so as to return to, and be rooted in, the essentials of life.


On occasion, each of us may experience the feeling of not really being ourselves, not really being present in the here and now. On the other hand, at other times we feel particularly good about ourselves and in harmony with the here and now. The pendulum can swing between these two extremes for a moment, or it can lean to one side on a regular basis. Most people integrate these pendulum swings without feeling any need to deepen their understanding of them. But when the sensation of no longer being authentically oneself becomes too unpleasant, when problems repeat themselves, or take a more serious turn, then life itself obliges us to deepen our understanding of it and to know ourselves better.
Transgenerational legacies play an essential role in the fluctuations which distance us from ourselves. They turn us back towards our origins, to something timeless and, thereby, to our own present. The Ancients had well understood the dependant relationship between the ability to be oneself in the present and the influence of transgenerational legacies. Being clearer about your origins, about your roots, allows you to be more independent, freer to live in the present moment. Contrary to what one could assume about the “transgenerational”, it is not about diving into the past, but rather about recognizing the past which is not past in the present, so that we can integrate it and finally turn the page on unfinished history. The integration of these unconscious charges calls for a greater presence, the presence which pertains to us as being ourselves, our true selves.

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